Kyle Swims The Channel

Kyle Swims the ChannelOur fellow Rotarian Kyle Poland has big plans for this summer. He has signed up to swim the English Channel. He has been training and gaining weight in preparation for this 28 mile swim. A swimmer has to sign up two years in advance and hire a boat captain to help navigate the busiest shipping channel in the world.

Kyle says he has always liked swimming. Although he has concentrated on running, he has mastered triathlons and Ironman marathons, and now wants to do something different. His window for swimming is July 29 to August 6, and he is hoping for quiet seas. Some people sign up for their window to swim, and the weather prevents them from attempting the feat. There are three windows to swim, in early July, mid July, and late July-early August. Kyle has the third and longest window, and only two people in line ahead of him.

He has a log book of his training with every day planned out. Kyle is now training by swimming laps in a pool but is looking forward to warmer weather so he can swim outside.

His swim is also a fund raising project for cancer research. On his website, listed below, you can find out about Kyle’s friend Diana, who has a form of cancer caused by chemotherapy.

There have only been several thousand people who have successfully swum the English Channel. The first was in 1875, and since then, swimmers cannot wear anything more than the original swimmer wore. That means NO wetsuit. So Kyle was advised to gain 40 pounds of insulating fat to keep him warm on his adventure. The water temperature is 60 degrees.

To follow Kyle in his training and adventures, you can go to the website that Chris Celek has set up for him:

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