1st Tee of Greater Miami Valley

Brian Parkhurst with President Jerry Kroll
Brian Parkhurst with President Jerry Kroll

We were introduced to Brian Parkhurst and the 1st Tee of Greater Miami Valley.

1st Tee, is about golf and not about golf. The nine core values of 1st Tee are honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy and judgment. By using the sport of golf, discussions and mentoring 1st Tee works to instill those values and nine healthy habits; Physical Health, Play, Energy, Safety, Emotional Health, Mind, Family, Vision, Social Health, Friends, School and Community.

The Greater Miami Valley chapter was founded in 2005. Brian became director in 2010. In 2012 they were able to teach 600 children. There are five head coaches and 65 volunteers who help with their events throughout the year. Forty percent of the children receive financial support so they can participate.

Brian explained how he sees similarity between Rotary’s Four Way test and 1st Tee’s values and healthy habits.

Rotary’s   Four Way Test

1st Tee’s Values and Healthy Habits

Is it the Truth?


Is it Fair to all concerned?


Will it build Goodwill and Friendship?

Friends, Community and School

Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

Goals impact school and lives


Within the core values and healthy habits are twenty-seven core lessens.  Those lessens then cover the values and healthy habits into four categories; Interpersonal, Self Management, Goal Setting and Resilient Skills.  For more information contact them at http://www.thefirstteegmv.org.


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