Zach Green and FoxFire

Bill, Zach Green and President Scott Miller
Bill, Zach Green and President Scott Miller

Zach Green a local entrepreneur, talked about his past experiences and his latest endeavor MN8 FoxFire. In Picture (Bill, Zach Green and President Scott Miller)

While growing up in the Cincinnati/Dayton area Zach received a well-rounded education. Only after he grew up was he diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. Zach took that diagnosis and became a great multitasker and entrepreneur. He entered the Marines in 1991. Zach also attended Bowling Green State University where he majored in Marketing-Sport Management.

Zach has always enjoyed being a fireman, the ability to help people when they need it the most. Even has a baby, Zach wanted to be a fireman. Zach has been with the Wyoming Fire Department since April 2004 and still works as a volunteer for the department.

In 2010 Zach saw the potential of how efficient and eco-friendly illumination technology could help the firefighting industry. Zach saw, purchased, and started using this technology. Other firefighters saw it and immediately wanted it. After initially selling the product to fellow firefighters, departments started ordering and installing the products. Zack later went to the annual Firefighter Training Conference in Indianapolis and his product received national recognition. With a national company, Zach has begun making international connections selling his product.

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