Congratulations 2015 Scholarship winners!

2015 Scholarship Winners!
2015 Scholarship Winners!

Congratulations to our scholarship winners. From left are Scholarship Chairman Betty, Dana Bezman of Kings High School, Frita Beauchamp of Mason High School, Crista Eaton of Mason High School, Lucas Brant of Kings High School, Carson Gritton of Kings High School, Rotary Club President Scott Miller, and Morgan Schaffer of Mason High School.

Kings High School winner Lukas Brant is planning to go to Indiana Tech, to major in Business and Sports.

Dana Bezman, also a Kings senior is going to the University of Alabama to study Nursing.

Carson Gritton from Kings, plans to attend Wittenburg University to study Science and classical guitar.

From Mason High School, our winning students include Crista Eaton who plans to go to the Cincinnati Christian University for Business.

Frita Beauchamp, a graduate of Mason will attend Columbia in Chicago for Broadcast Journalism.

Morgan Schaffer of Mason High School,will attend Miami U for Biology for pre-dental, then OSU.

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