Rotary Speech Contest

speech Congratulations to Kings Senior Mackenzie Mettey who won the MasonDeerfield Rotary Four-Way Speech Contest this week. The Four-Way Test Speech Contest, sponsored by Rotary International, is held annually for interested high school students at local and district levels. The speech is presented from memory without the aid of a podium, notes, displays or props, and lasts between four and six minutes. Contestants apply the FourWay Test which asks the following four things: Is it the TRUTH?, Is it Fair to all concerned, Will it build GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS, and Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? Each year, two students from Kings High School and two from Mason High School participate in the Mason-Deerfield Rotary contest. This year Mackenzie was joined by Alex Egan to represent Kings. Alex placed second. Saagar Chokshi and Jenny Zhang proudly represented Mason High School  Mackenzie will compete at the district level at Wright State University on Sunday, April 10, against winners of the individual clubs. There are 29 Rotary Clubs in Rotary District 6670 (basically southwestern Ohio). Each of the clubs in Rotary District 6670 holds its local contest in Feb/March, and local winners compete in the District 6670 Competition. Rotary International is a world-wide organization dedicated to serving others. The Four-Way Test has a long tradition or use around the world and is a part of Rotary’s motto: Service Above Self. Congratulations to both Mackenzie, Alex, Saagar and Jenny Zhang.

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