Water Project Update

Program chair Norma Berry, with Ken Reiser and Art Hupp of the West Chester / Liberty Rotary Club, who brought the Puerto Vallarta clean water project to life with their visit.

Our club has joined in supporting this worthwhile program through our donation. A few years ago, the West Chester Club started providing buckRotary Waterets equipped with water filters to families around Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, so they would have clean safe water to drink.

They started small, with a few dozen. Over the years, they have added the support of other clubs, and this past year they had a District Grant and a Global Rotary Grant, and were able to provide 2000 filters.

They are asking that recipients bring their own buckets. Clubs assisting in this project, in addition to our own club, include Oxford, Blue Ash, Miamisburg, and clubs in many other states and Canada.

The water filters are good for ten years. They are provided to families in areas that have contaminated wells, or where people get their water supply from ditches. This way, the water will be purified and prevent sickness.

Art and Ken also told us about the many community projects of the Puerto Vallarta Rotary club, such as after school programs, personal hygiene products, scholarships, ways to keep kids in schools, computer and language training.



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