International Services in Nicaragua

Dr. Daniel Butler, Trauma Director at Atrium Medical Center was our speaker last week and told us about his involvement as a medical volunteer with Amigos for Christ, founded in 1999 to provide help in Chenandega, a very poor region of Nicaragua.
The group helps with water and sanitation, education and nutrition, economic development and health care. Some of the volunteers are involved in community service, such as digging wells. The group has dug 170 wells in the country, which means that people can have clean water to drink in those communities.
Dr. Butler and other medical personnel travel there to compSpeakerlete much needed surgeries, taking their own medical supplies for the several weeks they will be there.
The hospital was in great need of repair and what would never pass in our health care environment in the United States is normal practice in Nicaragua, thankfully the immune systems of the local people is strong.
The Mason Deerfield Rotary club donated $2700 to help repair the hospital in Chenandega and provide medical equipment, such as microscopes and spirometers. Our donation also made possible the installation of new ceiling lights so the dark hospital is now bright.
Dr. Butler hopes to return in January or February, but the country is somewhat unstable, so this depends upon conditions.

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