Learning at a Take Your Parent to Work Day!

Some of our best speakers are our own members! We love to hear more about their lives and passions.

HeatherOur own Heather Sass, who is in charge of curriculum at Mason Schools, took the opportunity to visit her daughter at her new job in Seattle during Amazon’s “Take your parent to work day” in September.

Her daughter works in speech and language processing, which is the coding of voice and voice interface design: Alexa. 6000 other parents attended, touring the many campuses in the Seattle area.

There are 40 buildings and 560,000 employees. At Amazon, everyone is encouraged to dress as they like, so you quickly learn not to judge people by what they are wearing.

Heather was especially interested in how to prepare today’s students at Mason for this kind of company environment, with the skills and attitudes that companies like Amazon are looking for. Amazon is known to have started as an online bookseller, but today the biggest part of its business is as a web service provider. Their customers include Netflix and the government. Their motto is “Be Peculiar.” Employees are expected to do their job but on their own schedule, often at home or wherever is convenient. Their prime directive, so to speak, is customer service. Always think of the customer. The customer comes first.

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