Local Sisters Make a Difference

We had the pleasure of hearing from Rishika and Joshika Jeyaprakesh at a recent meeting as they made a presentation on their growing non profit endeavors.

Rishika founded Little Helpers in 2015 after realizing how blessed she was in this world and felt that by getting others to join her a difference can be made.


Little Helpers, whose motto is Spreading Kindness and Inspiring Others, has completed many local service projects including packing meals as Hands for Hunger, donated items to those in need around the world and locally collect toys for children in hospital.

Rishika has experienced personal growth on her journey, learning key leadership and business skills such as building a website and presenting to groups like ours.

Joshika, her younger sister, has joined in the giving by using her talents as a jewelry maker. Jewels for Joy, a sister foundation, to Little Helpers, uses the money made from sales to buy toys for the children at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

To date Little Helpers has distributed over 3000 toys and the sisters have set a goal of 50,000 toys by 2022! We wish them well on their journey.
For more information or to donate go to https://littlehelpers2015.org/ or find them on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/littlehelpers2015/

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