Our Club and Covid19

Our year was off to a great start, we were looking forward to celebrating the 25th year of the founding of our Mason Deerfield Rotary club and the unimaginable happened! We are used to the usual seasonal illnesses and trying to dodge the current flu strain but no one could have predicted a total shut down of not only our meetings but our communities and country.

At first it seemed like it would be a few weeks of inconvenience but now as we sit many weeks in with no definite end we consider what we as Rotarians can do for our club and as always to help those in need.

Fellowship is a huge part of why we are Rotarians. I have often heard the comment I can volunteer anywhere for free, why should I pay dues.  Our dues and weekly breakfast meetings are a way to connect with like minded people, to create supporting friendships that will go beyond the mission of Rotary and to learn from informative speakers to better ourselves and become aware of the world we live in. If you are interested in joining us for a virtual meeting fill out the Contact Us form.

Image may contain: 11 people, screen

Thankfully we have found a way to connect and while not as good as in person it will do for now.  We meet virtually at our same Tuesday morning time including speakers and happy bucks which always includes the happiness in seeing each others faces and hearing all is well. We are a club that has enjoyed a monthly evening social at a local happy hour, we have also been hosting those virtually.

As for our mission of Service Above Self we have worked to make a difference wherever we can.  Our club has sent funds to Matthew 25 and Atrium Medical Center in Middletown for much needed PPP kits.

Supplies at Matthew 25

We also had the opportunity to serve out medical heroes at the Atrium medical center in appreciation and recognition for their services during this crisis by providing dinner to the one hundred eight employee evening staff. We continue to look at other local ways that our Foundation can help our neighbors in need.

Image may contain: plant and outdoor
Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt – Storybook Characters

Individual members have been busy sewing  masks and organizing neighborhood scavenger hunts to entertain the kids whose lives have been shaken with the school year being cut short. For others it is taking care of a family member or friend who may be medically compromised needing that extra care.

MA Residents Sew Last Resort Face Masks For Medical Staff | Weston ...

So while COVID19 may be doing its best to cripple the country Rotarians join in the fight to overcome this pandemic.  The Mason Deefield Rotary Club will continue to help where we can and look forward to the day we can meet up again face to face and share a handshake… and a hug!

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