What We Do

Bill Gates speaks with Rotarians about their Polio Plus project.
Bill Gates, cochair of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, speaks to Rotarians about their partnership to eradicate polio worldwide. (Photo by Rotary International.)

In Cincinnati, Rotarians raised the money to build a school in Nigeria.

In Lebanon, Rotarians built water wells for two African villages.

In Springboro, Rotarians built a park in the city’s historic downtown.

In Dayton, Rotarians help students connect with employers.

In Beavercreek, Rotarians raised the money needed to expand the capacity of a food pantry to help more of their neighbors in need.

In Mason, Rotarians partnered with students and their teachers to tell the history of their schools and their city with permanent displays throughout the new high school.

In Blue Ash, Rotarians worked with a local community group and nearby Rotary Clubs to provide food to children in Mexico who scavenged  in a city dump for their next meal.

Across southwest Ohio, Rotarians send kids to college and to other countries for extended exchanges and study visits.

And, moreover, Rotarians pursue one main goal — eradicate polio worldwide. With the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rotary has raised more than $525 million to get this job done. Rotarians in District 6670 contributed in all ways large and small to find the money to support Rotary’s lofty ambition.

Now, we’re down to 3 countries with known cases of polio. Our Polio Plus program is aimed at finishing this once and for all.

Learn more about Rotary’s End Polio Now program

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